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“Legal” Weed in The Hood

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10-14 Doyers Street where a beloved salon operated for decades Is Chinatown getting it’s first “legal” weed dispensary? An application by Just Buds is scheduled to be heard at Manhattan Community board 3’s Cannabis task Force. Community boards have been… Read More »“Legal” Weed in The Hood

Year Of The Dragon 4721

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Lions Make their way down Mott Street Chinese Lunar New Year schedule of events. Feb 9 ,2024 Midnight Madness. Mott Street 11:30pm Feb 10, 2024, New Year Day Streets of Chinatown Feb 10, 2024 New Year Day Firecracker ceremony Sara… Read More »Year Of The Dragon 4721

Doyers Oldtown

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Doyers Oldtown at 15 Doyers Street Doyers Oldtown debuted this past weekend at 15 Doyers Street. The small plate eatery features Malaysian small plates including a curry chicken with coconut rice and egg for $12 with option to add spiced… Read More »Doyers Oldtown

Mee Sum Cafe Re-opens

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Mee Sum Cafe on Pell St Mee Sum Cafe reopened this past week calming fears among locals that another long-time business is closed forever. The Mee Sum Cafe is the last of the old school coffee shops remaining in Chinatown… Read More »Mee Sum Cafe Re-opens