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Fake Apple Airpods Crackdown

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NYPD officers ticketing a fake goods seller on Canal St

Officers from the NYPD 5th Pct have begun a crackdown on fake Apple products dealers in Chinatown. Building owners and merchants complained after a NYPost article brought to attention what most in Chinatown already knew. A dozen attended the April 24 NYPD 5th Pct community council monthly air their grievances. The appearance of dozens of migrants who sell fake Apple Airpods and Airpro products on the streets of Chinatown had caused a public nuisance and safety concern on Chinatowns narrow sidewalks. While the peddlers were not harassing passersby’s or stealing, they do create congestion and bottlenecks on street corners and hinder local business owners.

Link to NYPost article…/black-market-peddlers-flood-nyc…/

Fake Apple product seller hiding from police

For now its a “cat & mouse” game for sellers and police, sellers can be seen scattering or attempting to blend into the crowds. Sellers who are caught get ticketed and have their products confiscated.