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Keep Calm and Have a Bubble Tea

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Sugar Box at 55A Bayard Street

Chinatown is fast becoming a mecca for bubble tea. 2 new spots are staking their claims in the Chinatown market. Bubble teas which originated in Taiwan had enjoyed exponential growth since its introduction to the NYC market some 20 years ago. The original bubble teas offered were all powdered products imported from overseas, but most shops now offer freshly brewed teas as a base for their drinks.

Sugar box at 55A Bayard offers snacks an desserts along with its bubble teas.

Teazzi at 10 Doyers Street

Teazzi Tea โ€“ Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Meanwhile Flushing based TEAZZI is opening a satellite at 10 Doyers Street offers tea leaves, merch along with bubble tea selections. (see website link)

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