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New Kamboat gets new Life with a New Lease

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New Kamboat at 111 Bowery

Faithful customers were given a scare when notice went up recently at the New Kamboat bakery at 111 Bowery stating they were to close on Sept 30 after many years at the location. The old school bakery offered authentic Hong Kong style baked buns, pastries and featured freshly made rice rolls with a variety of fillings made to order in the back of the establishment. It also offered several rice dishes along with noodles.

Pineapple buns and Custard filled Pineapple Buns

Among the offerings are pineapple buns which are basically a baked bun with a crusty sweet layer on top, another variety is filled with custard. These pineapple buns are the most authentic this side of Hong Kong.

Noodle and rice offerings in back including fresh made rice rolls

Stir fried noodles, Singapore rice noodles and Yang Chow Fried rice fill the hot counter in back of the bakery where customers can also order steamed buns and lunch specials…

Egg Tarts including Portuguese. Egg white, regular which are offered in flaky crust or cookie crust

The bakery was given new life when they finally reached terms for a new lease with the property owner just days ago and an announcement posted at the door stated they are not closing. However the bakery has lost some of their old staff and are currently looking to hire replacements including, a rice roll maker, Bao (buns) chef)

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