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“Legal” Weed in The Hood

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10-14 Doyers Street where a beloved salon operated for decades

Is Chinatown getting it’s first “legal” weed dispensary?

An application by Just Buds is scheduled to be heard at Manhattan Community board 3’s Cannabis task Force. Community boards have been given the task of vetting applications and putting forward a non-binding opinion in the form of a “resolution” to the NYS OCM (Office of Cannabis Management). Under scrutiny will be the applicant’s proximity to schools, etc. Much like the liquor license process.

Initially Licenses were issued to “justice involved individuals.” (ex-cons) who had served time for drug relate offenses but currently applications are open to anyone who wants in.

If approved by the state OCM, Just Buds will be the 1st “legal” weed dispensary in the heart of Chinatown. Of course, many “illegal” weed stores already operate along Mulberry, Hester and East Broadway. Some may be confused why the many weed shops popping up on the Lower East Side are illegal while selling a product that is not illegal, the answer is taxes.

NYS considers marijuana a commodity which it wants to control and reap tax revenue from. Much like ancient China where the State controlled the salt trade and privateers selling untaxed salt would be severely punished.

Members of the public can attend and comment on the application.

Completed questionnaires by the applicant are not yet available but due Jan 3

Monday, January 8 at 6:00pm — Community Board 3 Office – 59 East 4th Street (btwn 2nd Ave and Bowery)

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