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Pings Shuttered

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In case you were wondering. Pings restaurant at 22 Mott street is closed due to gas service being turned off on May 19. Gas leaks were detected within the kitchen area of Pings restaurant which resulted in an immediate shut… Read More »Pings Shuttered

Full Demo Ahead

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The DDC ( Department of Design & Construction) hosted a community stakeholders meeting Tuesday May 16 to update the community on progress of the ongoing demolition of 125 White street. The current Manhattan Detention Center was slated to be demolished… Read More »Full Demo Ahead

PBA Marte mobile

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The PBA (police benevolent association) which represents 1000’s of uniformed officers kicked off this year’s election cycle with a mobile billboard truck. The Billboard’s first stop was Chinatown and lower Manhattan represented by CM Christopher Marte. The truck’s scrolling messages… Read More »PBA Marte mobile

Murals removed for storage

Jail demolition begins

Demolition of the Manhattan Detention Center at 125 White street began early April shortly after the city received demolition permits as bulldozers and backhoes moved in to prepare the ground level spaces ahead of piecemeal demolition of the upper floors… Read More »Jail demolition begins