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Vigil For Four Homeless Men Murdered in Chinatown

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Candles lit for 4 homeless men bludgeoned to death in 2019

Four years after accused killer Randy Santos bludgeoned 4 homeless men in Chinatowns Chatham Sq area a quiet remembrance was held last night. On the night of October 5, 2019, Chuen Kwok, Anthony Manson, Florencio Moran and Nazario Vasquez-Villegas were asleep in and around the Chatham Sq area when Santos struck, a passerby witnessed part of the attack on Kwok known affectionately by locals as “Uncle Kwok” and called police. When police responded they found Mr Kwok had sustained severe head trauma. Working on a description from the witness the police canvassed the area for Santos and found the other victims. Santos was caught just blocks away on Mulberry and Canal streets.

Community members lit candles to mark the solemn anniversary.

Though the incident is mostly forgotten among residents of the community save a few who have lit candles at Chatham Sq annually on Oct 5. In the days following the incident, mass rallies were held by the district’s elected and others vowing change but in reality, 4 years later the homeless situation has worsened although the city has spent billions of dollars. One might reason that the city should use 35-40% of its annual homeless outreach budget and actually build affordable housing…

Santos has yet to be held accountable for his actions.

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