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Mee Sum Cafe Re-opens

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Mee Sum Cafe on Pell St

Mee Sum Cafe reopened this past week calming fears among locals that another long-time business is closed forever. The Mee Sum Cafe is the last of the old school coffee shops remaining in Chinatown when formica countertops and spinning stools ruled. In a time not that long ago before the many bakeries. Coffee shops lined the streets of Chinatown ready to serve a mixed clientele of those on their way to work in the wee hours of the morning or those just looking for a quick lunch or snack, Coffee shops were the go-to place for dim sum items in the early 1970s before dim sum restaurants existed.

Mee Sum Cafe is best known these days for their moderately priced small sized rice boxes and Chinese Tsung (sweet rice with assorted fillings wrapped in leaves). A popular seller is their steamed salted fish pork patties and salted chicken rice box.

Mee Sum Cafe had undergone a month-long kitchen renovation.

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