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Chinatown To Get A Welcome Archway

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Mayor Adams joined by elected at Kimlau square Feb 9.

Mayor Adams was joined by other elected along with city and state officials at Kimlau Square to announce a major investment by the city and state to improve and revitalize Chatham Square. As hinted during his state of the city address, NYC will fund $44.3m and NYS $11.8m for a combined total of $55.8. (the $11.8m is part of Gov Hochul’s $20m DRI grant announced last year).

Adams said the investment was to create a world class public space and improve safety concerns.

Kimlau Square

The plan calls for redesigning Chatham Sq and possibly changing traffic patterns to allow for the widening of sidewalks on the west side of the Bowery. The Lt. Benjamin Kimlau Memorial Arch will get major repairs to it’s crumbling columns. In addition, $2.5m of the $11.8m from the Gov Hochul’s DRI grant is slated to build Chinatown a Welcome Archway. However, actual cost of the Archway construction will fall on the community’s shoulders through fundraising, since the announced $2.5m is for designing the Archway. Bayard Bugle asked Mayor Adams why the cost of construction wasn’t factored into the city and state funding announced and his reply was “In any of these projects such as the 5Th Ave beautification, A certain amount of private fundraising is necessary.” The fundraising will be overseen by a NYC Government entity and funds held in trust. No figures on amount necessary for construction of Welcome Archway since the RFP period and final design has not been selected. Also, no details on whether the Chinatown community will be involved in the selection process.

The Project also includes improvements to Park Row with aims to beautify and improve pedestrian access to FiDi and City Hall. Possible improvements could include widening the sidewalks and planting trees and installation pf seating areas. The projected completion date of project is 2029.

The public will have a chance to voice their input when the community engagement period begins early March. No details were provided whether public input will be in-person or hybrid. At the end of the community engagement period will be an extensive traffic study.

Part of NYC DOT envisioning Aug 2023

Park Row Envisioning

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